The rules for pubs in tiers 1, 2 and 3 - and what a substantial meal means The government's revised regional tiers are now in force. For general workplace guidelines, please refer to COVID-19 Workplace Information. The government will … Restaurants and bars are no longer subject to occupancy restrictions. What do we mean by ‘restaurants, pubs, bars … Governor Cuomo signed an executive order on July 16, imposing requirements and restrictions on the sale of alcohol at bars and restaurants whose liquor licenses require that they also make food available to patrons. All businesses operating in Saskatchewan must be in compliance with these guidelines. Additionally, restaurants and bars should “encourage social distancing and enhance spacing [through] spacing of tables/stools, limiting party … More pubs, restaurants and cafes will be able to serve customers outdoors in plans announced by the government today (25 June 2020). entertainment in restaurants, pubs and bars and similar venues where food or drink is served, provided they meet current government criteria for safe reopening. The information below provides specific guidelines for operators of restaurants and taverns. Here's what they mean for pubs and restaurants NOTE: To specifically address large crowds, on Nov. 25, 2020 only, all sales or dispensing of alcoholic beverages for on-site consumption at businesses in the retail food services industry, including bars, restaurants, and private catered events must end at 5 p.m. Indoor dining may continue, takeout is encouraged. The .gov means it’s official. NOTE: Translations are available in the Related tab for previous versions. Provides public health guidance to support operators in reducing the risk of transmission of COVID-19 among guests and workers in restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars. GUIDELINES FOR RE-OPENING RESTAURANTS & CAFÉS Note: This is a living document which means as Government restrictions and Public Health guidelines evolve, this document will also evolve to reflect new Government advice and changes to protocols when they emerge. It does not apply to food preparation or food service in clinical or healthcare settings. All sectoral guidelines have been developed in line with the Government’s Bars, cafes and restaurants (including hotel restaurants and bars) Restaurants and pubs operating as restaurants (serving a substantial meal) can open for indoor dining with additional restrictions, including a requirement for meals to be prepared on site, inside the premises, with a maximum of 6 people per table. However, city or county governments can impose occupancy limits on restaurants and bars (to as low as 50 percent capacity) if authorities state in the local order why the restriction is necessary for public health. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you're on a federal government site. Linked below are three important documents for Phase III Step 2 (Effective: 11.6.20): Workplace Safety Standards - Complete and official sector-specific standards for reopening restaurants (all workplaces must also comply with the Mandatory Safety Standards for Workplaces); Protocol Summary - User friendly summary of the standards and best practices Federal government websites often end in .gov or .mil. These guidelines apply to indoor and outdoor seating areas. Bars and restaurants must close in-person food and drink service between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. starting on Friday evening, though takeout and delivery is still allowed during those restricted hours.